We love ribbon! And we know how it feels to be working on a project or making a special bow when the roll runs out. Can someone say, “Frustrating”? cause it happens all the time! So, as we developed Cascade Ribbon, we made a unilateral commitment to provide more ribbon per roll.


Here’s how it all rolls up:

  • Gorgeous prints and patterns – our designers design every print and pattern, whether that means sketching out leaves, swirls and other motifs or creating little scenes, like the house pattern, one of our team favorites.

  • Beautiful color combinations – We’re doing the legwork for you – coordinating our solid colors with the patterns, mixing up our metallics, and matching some of the prettiest wedding colors around.

  • Special printing techniques - in our Winter collections, we’ve added touches of icy shine by mixing in a bit of glitter. We’ve used a special iridescent metallic foam ink to make our mixed metals group pop, and the white color in our kid-friendly Halloween collection coordinates glows in the dark.

  • Longer put-ups – it’s rare that you’ll see less than 10 yards per roll anywhere on our website – in fact, our solid basics are 20 yards per roll. Compare our yardage to what you get at the crafts stores, you’ll see the value.

  • Fun and innovation – We took some of our favorite ribbon and gave it a sticky backing, so you can use it like tape.  This is ideal for scrap-booking, gift wrapping and craft projects.  We also have a chalkboard ribbon that you can personalize with chalk.

  • Thinking outside the box - We know ribbon’s not just for gift wrapping. There are many options designed for home décor, party decorating, crafting, and more. We’ve even created a combo kit for food gifting and denim ribbon that can be used as an accent on clothing and accessories.


Shop our selection of decorative ribbon made of various materials, for all seasons on our Cascade Ribbon website – our favorite way to browse is by collection. And feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you think.